Mistake? Opportunity!

Everyone makes mistakes at some point and in business that's equally true. Last week we shipped two parcels via J&T, through one of their newly open branches nearby.
The service was quick and hassle free, the clients received the parcels the day after. However there was a bit of a problem as the stickers were mixed up. One of the clients called that they received the wrong package - cold sweat ensues. The parcel headed to Cabuyao, Laguna ended up in Taytay Rizal, and vice versa.
Normally we would coordinate with the courier at fault and let them provide a means to resolve the issue within their system, however one of the packages was meant as a gift, and the other one was also needed soon. They needed to be on time and we couldn't risk any delays as it would mean disappointed gift givers and recipients.
We immediately coordinated a parcel swap via ever so reliable Lalamove. Thank goodness both addresses were covered areas and within reach. We also thank our clients for being so understanding and patient as we coordinated the exchange.
After all the dust settled, we coordinated with the J&T branch to let them know what had transpired. The staff were apologetic and humbly acknowledged that is was their service at fault and immediately seeked to restore the swapping cost. A few printed-signed documentations and receipts later, they refunded the Lalamove receipts for this transaction.
One of the hallmarks of excellent customer service is owning up to your own mistakes. No business, no service, no person is perfect. We all will fumble and screw up something, it's just a matter of time. The question is what will you do once you mess up?
Oftentimes our failures are the best times to shine. Otherwise unremarkable moments, due to mishaps, become a very focal point where we can make an impact - an indelible memory as to the character of our person, our service.
I would like to commend the J&T staff of our local branch for providing excellent, no strings attached, customer service. Aside from the label mixup - the original transaction was great, but it was a routine transaction. The way they handled their mistake though, was remarkable. It resonated with me as we have had our fair share of mistakes as well and know how difficult it is to uphold the standard of excellent service.
A potentially dangerous situation where you can have an angry ranting client turn against you (and all their friends and family), is equally a great opportunity to turn the tables around and make a great impression. I would gladly recommend them and look forward to future transactions as we go forward in our own business. You've won the heart of this customer.

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