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"Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

My wife Rose, and I couldn't be more different when it comes to scheduling.
She lists everything down, and crosses things out when accomplished.

Meanwhile I tend to do things on a whim, doggedly pursuing what my heart is on at that particular moment, which needless to say, shifts every now and then leaving tons of pending projects.

Upon closer analysis, this lends to wasted potential and resources put on hold. Since all of those projects are not useful at all until they are completed. Inefficient, one might say. Although I'm tempted to state the hidden advantages of our current dynamic, that's not our focus for this entry.

The key point here is: On a practical level, there has to be at least a minimum level of timeboundedness to objectives for them to be put to fruition.

This has been challenging for me due to the free flowing nature of running our own business, working at home. Thankfully my partner is always there to whisper gentle reminders as to what the hard objectives of the day are.

A quick Google search and the first result for "average human lifespan 2020" comes up with 78.93 years. That's 44.93 years left for me at the time of writing, probably much less if we count physically productive years and other potential events.

How many years do we have left in our "life project?"

What if this is the last day of our lives, how do we spend it?
There's a quote that's circulated around the internet commonly attributed to Augustine of Hippo, but is most likely not his and is a recent composition.

"Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow."

Regardless of who the quote is from, the idea still makes sense. To accomplish things of importance, to keep headed in the right direction, It's a good idea to treat this physical existence as a temporary stint.

What are the things that would make it to the checklist of things we do?
This mindset distills our essence, it immediately chops off all of the extraneous activities and frivolities, and leaves us what we truly are at the moment and what we want to do.

Applying this to the business mindset. What do we want to accomplish with our business? Are we accomplishing our mission and vision? Do we even have a worthy mission and vision? If this is not clear for your business, I would recommend some soul searching because without a clear and meaningful purpose, business endeavors are hollow engines that exist just to keep on running, without any particular intent. They consume fuel, intake oxygen, and release exhaust, they move from place to place but can't answer why they need to do so.

Our business, our marketing should be with intent. It should reflect who we are as persons, it should reflect our souls. These two are intertwined and should be focused on their primary objectives.

What is your business today?

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