Introducing KrigKrafts

Hi, my name is Robin, and together with Rose, we are the husband and wife team behind KrigKrafts, our brand that covers native Filipino craft.

I'd like to share the background of our business as well as the thoughts running through our heads why we decided to go with it.

When we started off with this business, it would be accurate to say, we didn't imagine beforehand the stuff that we were getting into. Permits, taxes upon taxes, sales procedures, marketing, and so on...

What we both knew though, were these three things:

  1. We want to build something out of our own ideas
  2. We shouldn't expect things to change dramatically if we don't initiate a change of proportionate magnitude.
  3. We both need to be united as a team to make it work

After a whirlwind of registration activities, thanks in no small part to Rose's initiative, the filing and approval of paperwork was set in motion.  We came up with serious business names with deep meaning to it, but DTI rejected all of them. The only business name that was approved for use was the one after our stuffed toy, the dashing Mr. Krig K. Krug. We call him Krig for short.

Thus... our humble shop, Krig's Store, was born.

It was just small store dealing in assorted retail goods. This was some time before we were married and we learned quite a few lessons on how to run a store. Some of our memorable experiences were:

  • Our first theft (we still keep that fake P1,000.00 bill as a reminder.)
  • Days of no operation due to manpower issues
  • Sleeping in shifts (Rose and Mama Yolly) to continue sales throughout the night during peak season. Sales are thankfully always high during Valentine's and All Souls Day thanks to being located near a major flower central.
  • Guerrilla warfare with the local canal rats who keep eating the food and soaps!
  • Waking up early to restock inventory
  • Metro Manila's expected, but ever still burdensome floods
  • And the list goes on...

After about two years, we got married and decided to go into the business full time. A major challenge for us was how to keep the business running since our rented location is in Manila, while both of us will be moving in to our house in Laguna. We also needed to transform the business concept since we won't be regularly present at the physical location of our old store.


RE-ENACTMENT OF DIALOGUE (more or less... it's the thought that counts)

Rose: remember those vases and ceramic ware we saw a while back?

Me: Uh huh, those were pretty.

Rose: I wonder if we could try selling those.

Me: I guess we could, question is how....


And thus the concept of KrigKrafts came to be.

  1. Locate locally made crafts from throughout the Philippines
  2. Market these hard to reach items so clients have convenient access.
  3. Create additional demand for these locally made products, in turn helping the craftsmen with their livelihoods.

We intend to partner with our local craftsmen, to increase their sales, by marketing their items to clients that otherwise they would not reach. Customers also benefit since items which would be difficult to obtain, are now presented and made available to them.

We also provide vital coordination between customers and craftsmen by functioning as a communication channel. Customer requirements for special items not yet existing/hard to find on the market are relayed to the appropriate skilled craftsmen for potential fabrication. This provides a solution for both parties. We are consistently on the hunt for new types of craft and studying ways on how to make logistics feasible.

That more or less sums up KrigKrafts, we hope to be of service to you in some way or form in the future.

Thank you for reading.

- Robin

KrigKrafts Editor & Delivery Guy :)



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    • more power krig krafts! :* :*
      more more clients to come! I’m a living proof of your hardships!


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