Succulents save home from fire!

Succulent Flame

Wildfires aren't too common here in the Philippines due to our consistent rainy season, but in parts of the U.S. and where dried overgrowth have accumulated over the years, this is a serious concern. And amazingly, your favorite hobby might also be an effective barrier to slow down the spread of fire.

While this shouldn't be taken as "succulents alone will keep your house from burning." They apparently contributed to saving Camille Newton's house from a wildfire that went through their neighborhood and got all of the surrounding houses. Her house hand a thick expanse of succulent plants on all sides which helped prevent the flames from reaching further inside the property.

Here's an experiment by Debra Lee Baldwin testing out the fire resistance of our favorite juicy plants.

The results are impressive and people looking to integrate aesthetics with practical firescaping should seriously consider succulents as part of their landscapes.



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