Our story thus far...

There's nothing quite like the feeling when you're able to make someone smile.

Here at KrigKrafts, we strive to bring out those smiles through creative and delightful products you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. 

Conceptualized in October 2016 while visiting a local crafting community, our first products were terracotta pottery, vases that were meticulously shaped and painted by hand. 

When people ordered the few pieces we tried posting online, we decided to push through and build a business around the idea of finding local craft, and looking for way to feasibly market it online. 


We are a husband and wife team with a passion for customer service and providing value to our community. We want this business to not only generate revenue, but to treat both our clients and suppliers as partners in this endeavor. We want to inspire joy in our clients whenever they receive one of our products. We want to provide an additional channel to help boost the livelihood of our craft partners.

While it's not easy handling the logistics of bulky and fragile items on a budget...

It does help the specific villages which makes the craftwork.


Over some time we were able to acquire more partners, and grew catering to the demand for interior lighting pieces...


...outdoor decor designs...


...as well as custom products for gift and novelty.


We're constantly on the lookout for that next creative idea that spontaneously draws out that feeling of delight. 



Right now we're have two major projects on the menu. One is our new YouTube channel, "Robin and Rose" a sort of personal diary of our projects, marriage, and life.

The other is project Hyper2FA ( reads "hypertufa") where we go on the quest to create the ideal material with which to construct planters. We're no green thumbs and have had difficulties growing plants ourselves, so we want to take the bad aspects of pots out of the equation and help struggling gardeners like us give the best chances to our plants.

Through our products, we hope to share that delight with you.